Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the information on West Virginia’s unclaimed Civil War medals?

Where can I get help researching my Civil War ancestor?

Where can I obtain travel information for West Virginia?

Where can I find information on West Virginia State Militia units?

Where do I find information on obtaining a Civil War grave marker for my ancestor?

Is West Virginia an “illegal” state based on the Constitutional requirement for a state to give approval for another state to be formed within its boundaries?

  • No, not according to the U.S. Supreme Court which affirmed the legality of West Virginia statehood in Virginia v. West Virginia (1871)

    Virginia v. West Virginia, 78 U.S. (11 Wall.) 39 (1871), is a 6-to-3 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States which held that where a governor has discretion in the conduct of the election, the legislature is bound by his action and cannot undo the results based on fraud. The Court implicitly affirmed that the breakaway Virginia counties had received the necessary consent of both the State of Virginia and the United States Congress to become a separate state, and explicitly held that the counties of Berkeley and Jefferson were part of the new state of West Virginia.  Read more…