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Penick’s Battery

Penick’s Battery [also called Lewis’ Battery and Pittsylvania Artillery] was organized during April, 1862. For a time, part of this company served with the 59th Virginia Regiment. It was assigned to J.J. Garnett’s, C.Richardson’s, and W.T. Poague’s Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia. The unit served with the army from Fredericksburg to Cold Harbor, was active in the defense of Petersburg, and ended the war at Appomattox. At Gettysburg 4 officers and 86 men saw action, and during April, 1864, there were 3 officers and 72 men present. That September about half (30) the battery was sick, and in April, 1865, it surrendered 2 officers and 68 men. The battery was commanded by Captains John W. Lewis and Nathan Penick.

[Source: National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System]

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Penick’s (Lewis’) Battery – National Park Service

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