Confederate Regiments




Va. State Line and Other Units

Guerilla Units

Virginia State Line and Other Units

  • 67th Regiment Virginia Militia (Berkeley)
  • 89th Regiment Virginia Militia (Morgan)
  • 151st Regiment Virginia Militia (Mercer)
  • 167th Regiment Virginia Militia (Wayne. Changed to Union in 1862 by Restored Govt of VA)
  • 190th Regiment Virginia Militia (Wyoming)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. Daniel Elkins Co, Co. B (Boone)
  • 1st VSL. Capt. Greene W. Taylor’s Co., Co. A (Logan)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. Wm. Dempsey’s Co., Co. E (Logan)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. Benj. Justice’s Co., Co. H (Logan)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. John Buchanan’s Co., Co. I (Logan)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. Robert Lawson’s Co., Co. K (Logan)
  • 1st VSL, Capt. Geo. Hackworth’s Co., Co. F (Cabell)
  • 2nd VSL, Capt. Mathias Harrison’s Co., Co. H (Cabell, Logan, Wayne)
  • 2nd VSL, Capt. William S. Chandler’s Co., Co. K (Boone)
  • 3rd VSL, Capt. Joseph R. Kessler’s Cavalry Co., Co. D (Roane)
  • 4th VSL, Capt. William Hensley’s Co., Co. G (Cabell)
  • 4th VSL, Capt. John E. Love’s Co., Co. E (Kanawha)
  • 5th VSL, Capt. Lorenzo D. Chambers’ Co., Co. A (Logan)
  • 5th VSL, Capt. Melvin B. Lawson’s Co., Co. E, later part of Rebel Bill Smith’s Battn. (Logan)
  • 5th VSL, Capt. P.K. McComas Co., Co. I (Logan)